Photo: Kevin Mailland, DO

Kevin Mailland, DO
Family and Community Medicine

Doctor Primary Care

Dr. Kevin Mailland, an assistant professor with the UNLV School of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine, has been actively involved in the U.S. Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program that provides screening to Nevada Test Site workers who may have been exposed to radiation. 

For Mailland, education goes beyond the medical students – it also includes his patients. He believes patient education is essential. As such, taking the time to sit down and talk to patients and families to make sure they understand the diagnosis and treatment plan is important to him as a doctor, and he instills this patient-focused approach to medical students. 

He says it is important for medical professionals and medical students to keep focused on the greater overall good they are providing. “We are making a difference in others’ lives, and are helping people because we care about them. Establishing a doctor-patient rapport and bond is important in providing the best patient care,” he said. 

Dr. Mailland, a graduate of the Touro University of Nevada School of Medicine, has served as a faculty member for the UNLV CampMED program for incoming ninth-grade students who have shown an interest in science/medicine.