Photo: Michelle A Fontenelle-Gilmer, MD, MHS

Michelle A Fontenelle-Gilmer, MD, MHS
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Dr. Fontenelle-Gilmer, an assistant professor in the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Fontenelle-Gilmer treats patients on the psychiatry consultation service at UMC hospital.

A graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, she completed residencies at Harvard Medical School and Sheppard Pratt Hospital and completed a Master Health Science degree at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

For the past 15 years, Dr. Fontenelle-Gilmer has practiced in a variety of both outpatient and inpatient settings. She served as an assistant director of residency training for a family medicine program in Michigan, where she taught residents and provided hospital-based psychiatric consultation services to primary care doctors.

In Michigan, she also served as a child & adolescent psychiatrist for Monroe County Mental Health.