Photo: Arthur O. Romero, M.D.

Arthur O. Romero, MD
Internal Medicine, Pulmonology

Doctor Cardiology & Pulmonology

Dr. Arthur Oliver Romero, an assistant professor in the UNLV School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine, graduated from the University of Philippines College of Medicine. 

He specializes in pulmonary critical care medicine and internal medicine.

Dr. Romero is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in pulmonary disease, critical care medicine and internal medicine.

Utilizing an advanced electromagnetic navigation system, known as the SuperDimension, to accurately and safely reach virtually any area of the lungs to collect tissue samples, Dr. Romero and his colleagues at University Medical Center take pride in their ability to improve patient outcomes associated with one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the U.S.

“Our team is well-equipped to detect these cancers early and try to find a cure,” said Romero. “We’re catching cancers earlier and putting our patients through appropriate treatment plans without delay. We don’t want our patients to wait weeks or months for a diagnosis that could potentially change their lives.”