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While UNLV Medicine is new, its clinics, doctors and staff have been serving the community for years. We want to acknowledge their work and presence in the community, yet use this an important moment to announce to southern Nevada that UNLV Medicine is here, bringing a new level of care, hospitality and ease for our patients.

For any service or treatment you need UNLV Medicine is committed to providing hospitality healthcare. For patients, this means that our clinics will be taking a holistic approach with you, our patient. You can feel safe knowing that our general and specialist medical clinics really care about you. Our focus is to make sure you have a good experience, get all your questions answered and feel like a valued person rather than just a number.

Furthermore, UNLV Medicine is dedicated to exceeding expectations when you come to any of our clinics. As a result, UNLV Medicine wants you to stay proactive and better engaged with your healthcare.


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In academic medicine, education, research, and clinical care are combined to provide the best possible medical experience — where cutting-edge technologies and the latest resources and therapies are incorporated into compassionate quality care. When you are treated by the medical staff at UNLV Medicine, you can rest assured the doctors taking care of you aren’t just using the latest medical technologies, they’re also developing them.


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Southern Nevadans now have access to a full range of academic medicine faculty physicians. The UNLV Medicine faculty physicians provide clinical services and represent a number of medical specialties and subspecialties. 

Our patient-focused and collaborative clinical treatment model ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients.