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Jyoti’s Testimonial

“I genuinely care about our patients and pride myself on providing them with the best care possible. At UNLV Health, I can spend time with patients in the clinic and in a hospital setting, as well as teaching residents and medical students at the same time. It is very fulfilling.”

Jyoti Desai, MD | OB/GYN


Gregory Collins

Gregory Collins Photo

“I like working at UNLV Health because it provides me the opportunity to serve our community.”

Gregory Collins, Compliance Program Manager | Compliance


Alma De La Paz

Alma De La Paz Photo

“I am passionate about my job and working with an amazing group of doctors and co-workers.”

Alma De La Paz, Medical Assistant - Certified | Pediatrics


Misiewicz’s Testimonial

“I am proud to be a part of an organization that provides great opportunities for education while providing premium health services for our community.”

Jeanne Misiewicz, Payroll Manager | Finance


Carmen Aguirre

Carmen Aguirre Photo

“I admire how our doctors treat their patients with compassion, respect and really care about their well being. It is an honor to work with doctors who have such humble and loving hearts.”

Carmen Aguirre, Authorizations & Referral Specialist | Pediatrics